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I am zee

my main character is a zebra but i also have a pickachu/eevee character :p

i suck at drawing and my zerbra (zea) sometimes looks very weird >.< could someone do me a tutorial on pikas and chibi zerbras if u can >.<

well i am 14 and my name is tylen k byes

    • risa--

sorry d: that was my cousin i was away on holidays again and she took care of it xD but she deleted all of my favs :( sorry

i totally forgot about hatena thats why i havent posted inwhile and i got a new dsi :) i have been too busy with school

if usee someone using my acc with a zebra or pickachu itz my cousin the person who wrote above. Oh same goes with the differnt writing... Yer she is living with me for a bit hehe i better work on something.... Kk byes

oh can i do a collab (animated) with anyone??? Thnx