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Update- Sorry guys but I left, yeh typical before 2012, My dsi is dead not that anyone really noticed... I don't mean to sound that way but not many people cared. I'm aggrivated, annoyed, but this may not be the last you see of me. I'm planning something... it may work I don't know, jut expect to see something, someone new. <XD oh dear did I give it away? No? Okay! I don't massively care I'm gone, because most of my friends are buds wth me on 3ds. Thankyou to so many for getting me so popular and I really made lots of friends. Goodbye to you. Goodbye 2011. Goodbye flipnote hatena ;)


My name is $kylar♪ and I am from the UK and I am 11 years old so compared to many other creators, I am very small. ;'( <XD

My style oftenly changes because I can never find one that suites me, wether its drawing manga or chao's I always have to change it almost monthly. I wouldn't say my style is original, especially the manga but who gives...

I really like posting flipnotes and I will keep trying to get them to improve. I have many goals I am trying to reach.

1. Achieve 5o fans (completed)

2. Achieve 1oo fans (completed)

3. Achieve 2oo Fans (completed

4. Achieve 3oo fans (complete)

5. GET 4oo FANS (not yet achieved)

6. Blah you dont wanna here the rest.

Some info bout me:

I just forgot what a crunchie was.

I have two brothers.

I have two pets, ironic huh?

I'm not emo (guh)

when I say Guh I mean Duh.

My favourite food is fajitas (I think thats how its spelled)

I have never tried sushi.

Prawns are cool.

I like Lama's with hats.

Action bunnies (enough said!)

In any group, usually the youngest.

I have a habit of talking.

My brother callum has a fear of mushrooms.

I call Callum, Kallum.

My favourite colour is blue.

I only speak English.

I have a fringe.

I have a fridge.

I am on Twitter.

I like Hatsune Miku or Miku Hatsune.

I like breakfast more than any other meal.


Wow that was long. Anyway I thank you for all the support guys, if it wasn't for you Hatena would have been boring along time ago.

So my bezzie friend is Zaria o3o (thankyou buddy, you the best) and I'm not listing any of my friends on hatena because you yell at me if I forget you. Duh duh doo. Its a song.

I'm gonna keep posting hopefully for a long time but I haave a life outside of hatena so I wont always be able to chat, but if you really wanna talk to me tell me what flipnote you wanna chat on and If I get there on time then yay.

Here are some questions you might of wanted to ask but never did.

Q. $kylar, can I be in your flips please?

A. Sorry but I only try fit my friends in but sometimes I put in some of my fans too.

Q. Can you please add me?

A. Sorry but I actually have added most of my fans and now I can't add anymore people and I'm not un-adding someone just so I can add you.

Q. Why are you called $kylar♪?

A. Well its six letters like my real name and begins with an "S" like my real name and it has a musical note at the end because I feel like it.

Q. Why are you no longer Koopa?

A. Well thats kind of a long story but basically I didnt want to be named after a mario character anymore and I was sick of such a plain character. My flips have done a lot better since I changed my name to Skylar and It feels like a new start on hatena when I change my character. I might change my character again but I dont know.

Q. Can I be your friend please?

A. Well like I said I can't add anymore people and I have alot of friends who get annoyed at me if I dont talk to them so I try not to have to many friends although I really like you all. Sorry! Plus what friendship starts like that?

Q. Someones bullying me, stop them please

A. Tell me what they have done and I will try help you but unless your a close friend of mine, this isn't something you should be asking me.

Q. Can I have an icon?

A. No.

q. Can I be your friend?

A. GOD DaMN!T you already asked that! 0Xo'

Q. When is flipnote on 3ds coming out?

A. How the hell should I know? <XD

Q. Where do you l!ve?

A. Hm let me see, no.

Q. Why are you ignoring me?

A. Okay as far as I know you are NOT my brother so I'm not ignoring you!

Q. Why did we stop talking?



So its Christmas TIME! ANd a guy in a santa suit on the back of a car attached to a sleigh just came round and waved at me...I would say perv but hey its a week until christmas (Right now whilst I'm typing)

Ha ha I just drew a uni-brow on a cow, and now it wont come off. DAMN HECK!

So bells of holly, feeling jolly, woot to the woot, stockings filled with suit.

Yes little children Santa is coming to get us all. *shiver*

oh BLEEP I just dropped my camera on a table, then onto the floor. "CAMERA, HEY YOU BROKEN?"

camera says: No my screen just cracks up every no and then... BLEEP

dB> How about that for a festive joke?

and the sleigh has came back near my house. -_-''

SO... what do you want for christmas? I am giving out some festive promised icons on christmas eve, want one? WELL TO BAD, WE JUST SOLD OUR LAST ONE TO... I'm not good wit jokes.

Best be going christmas shopping for ALL my friends (Zaria) because I am STILL yet to do that.

Sadly we recieved little snow this year because a volcano didn't errupt near us this time. *sigh* lol but merry christmas all and for hose who don't celebrate christmas, enjoy the holidays!