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this is my story of how i started flipnotes... But wait before you read this check out YouTube channel: TheBarthinator

a long time ago in a forest far far away in the deep bouls of Mexico.i discovered that the chiuhauhaus that live in the forest were friends. i met them and they talked to me and told me their stores. their race was in danger evr since the last tsunami in the desert their friends and family were going missing so my job was to find the evil pitbull named ricardo who was causing all of the turmoil. I eventually found this wretched creature and destroyed him like any human would, with tacos. the pittbull ran away frightened and eventually became bloated because i put extra greasy sauuucccee. i ran back to the chiuhuas and they handed my their most prized possesion their Dsi. i screamed, ran away, ate some bread and then opened it to discover a creative game named flipnotes. I loveed this game and then boought some very expensive burritos because of my excitement. The End...

This is the spot where you likr put a smiley face but i dont like those so im not putting it here. THE END... wait that was capitalized so it cant be the end it might be the start of a new beggining.