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Hey thar!! it's me toritm (aka Toritm<3Zach) I've been on hatena for a while now!! I have over 30 fans which i never expected!! i mostly post series' but im trying to work on my animating skills (i has none) lol

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Name: Tori [epic last name here]

Age: 13

Birfday: November 24

Favorite color: red!!

Favorite creators: check my list derp

Relationship status: go away

state/where do i live: stalker

My goal on hatena is to get 20 thousand stars and 50 favoriters. to me, that's alot but i will be working harder. Right now, i have no motivation but i am working on it.

i have a fan email if you want to email me sometime: toritmfans@ (without space)

I will change my name alot from plain Toritm to Toritm<3Zach mostly because some of my friends will make fun of me when we pictochat

check back here often!!

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Chimoshiki Aririkutatchimoto






November 24