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ahoy C: im bianca.! I'm 15 :p birthdate:jan19


Status:TAKEN. CIRILO (cereal) <3 3.12.12

Your amazing<3 I just love being with you 24/7 I've learned to know that every guy isn't the same. I'll be here for you no matter what I can't promise that everything is gonna be alright and we won't go through bad times because everyone does. But I'll do anything to outcome all of it. You may. Believe that me loving you is to hard to believe but sweetheart believe it because I really do. I just can't stand being apart from you. Your kisses literally leave me breathless.. And when you hold me I just feel at place I feel so safe when I'm around you <3

Being with someone is not saying that you have to have them with you. But you can't live with out them<3 and that's exactly how I fell. When you even miss 1 day of school I don't feel at place it feels completely empty >.<


I listen to to everything besides country,jazz(:

Fave color: BLUE

Christopher drew is my role model c:

I love animals. And am totally against animal slaughtering >.>