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hallo. owo i'm Ka+&Logan!!! (kat&Logan) i am a very nice person with alot of friends. here is my status!



first name:katrina(kat)

middle name:samantha

last name:?

fav food:mangos dB

fav dog:st. brenard

animals i own:chiuaia named skipper (spell fail)and bigboy the maincoon(cat)

favorate animal:penguin

type of person:tomboy


mood:happy all the time

extras:my friends call me wierd and funny while others love me ewe btw, I LOOOOOVE FROOT LOOPS AND POST-ITS!!! dB

characters:kat(me in cartoon form),Megan the hedghog,Ethan the cheetah,& skye the cloud cat

info about flipnote status:i don't post that often because i have a busy outside life but i'll try to post more a day. ok? :)

reminder:thanks to all my fans and friends for helping me when i'm down. i owe you all one. so if you have a request i'll be glad to take it. :)