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hello my fellow hatenians!lolwut.jk,but anyways,its nice of you to come drop by my creators room :) i appreciate it,so now you get a virtual cookie. :D yea!

hurr,ok,so i am a very sucky creator with no talent in drawing or animation.but my friends are just epic!they deserve so much more than me,and i love them (no homo)

oh yea,you can also find me on deviantart as blacknova311246


so.....why dont i tell you a bit more of myself?not being conceided or anything,but theres nothing out to say,so yea.


13 yrs old

a gurl :/

im NOT emo (ppl keep asking me that.idk why)

i love breaking benjamin,three days grace,linkin park,skillet,skrilllex,paramore,green day,sick puppies,msi,etc. XD theres too many artists/bands to list

i love animals <3 (the plural of wolf is not "WOLFS" btw >:T)

i love the Black Butler manga series and anime ^^

....i guess thats about it....