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Wats up im the one the only Blazer. Any other Blazer is a fraud. Im from new york i make pic flipnotes and other random flipnotes. Im on facebook my email is and im a yankee fan. I like playin ssbb on nintendo wifi my name is also BlazR -(blazer™) and i like 2chat too. Im also irsish/spanish. Please star my videos and comment,add me thx lolz :P if ur gonna h8 you can Get out now! ;/ lol i work hard on my flips and hope u guys enjoy them its fun but annoying too Plz dont false report its really low if you do cuz ppl try hard for others stop. Im also on these sites...

Websites: (not on alot maybe just 2 answer messages and wall posts)

Thts it ...

Brawl FC: 4768-9404-7404

Wii Number: 1134-2481-6247-5868

add meh need more pplz

Ive been getting more popular on hatena and i really appreciate the support from my fans and ppl who add stars it means alot lol i do want to get famous and my goals are as follows:

Fan's Mission:Not Complete

100 Fans-Accomplished

250 Fans-Accomplished

500 Fans-Accomplished

750 Fans-Accomplished

1,000 Fans-Accomplished

1,500 Fans-Accomplished

2,000 Fans-Accomplished

5,000 Fans-**********

10,000 Fans-*********

20,000 Fans-*********

30,000 Fans-*********

Gold Star Mission:Not Complete

100,000 Stars-Accomplished

200,000 Stars-Accomplished

300,000 Stars-Accomplished

400,000 Stars-Accomplished

500,000 Stars-Accomplished

1,000,000 Stars-Accomplished

2,000,000 Stars-Accomplished

5,000,000 Stars-Accomplished

10,000,000 Stars-*********

15,000,000 Stars-*********

20,000,000 Stars-*********

All Color Star Mission:Completed! (5/17/11)

Get a Green Star-Accomplished

Get a Blue Star-Accomplished

Get a Purple Star-Accomplished

Citizenship: Bronze-(COMPLETE!)



Well ill reach those goals someday LoL thanks if you added me and added stars you guys are awesome!!!!

Im Currently Working On Some Flips And Others To come In The Future:

Dragon Ball Z Ep.1-(In the Works) Animation:(not finished) Sound:(not finished)

Shadow Legacy-(Completed)

Shadow Vs. Mario-(Completed)

Shadow Vs. Mario Part 2-(Not Started)

Nintendo Character Voice Reel 2:(Not Started)

Donkey Kong Dsi 3:(Not Started)-Unsure if making it i dont have the sprites for it T_T i probably will work something out because my other donkey Kong flips got 100,000 stars prob will well see...

New PiX-(Complete)

Teen Chat-(I Post New Chats Every Friday Night And Sometimes Saturday)

The Lone Hero Ep.2-(Not Started)

Bowser Flip:(Completed)

Luigi Flip: (Completed)


Yoshi Flip-(Completed)

Flips Of The Week:

1st Week-(Completed)

2nd Week-(Completed)

Mario Kart Hatena-(Completed)

SSBB Hatena Ep.1-(Completed)

SSBB Hatena Ep.2-(Completed)

SSBB Hatena Ep.3-(Completed)

SSBB Hatena Ep.4-(Completed)

SSBB Hatena Ep.5-( )

Random Fails 1-(Complete)

Random Fails 2-( )

Childrens Bop!-(Complete)

Youtube Poop-(Complete)

Youtube Poop 2-(Not Started)

Nintendo Song Flips:(All not Started)

Wolf Theme SSBB-

Sonic Boom SSBB-

Gourmet Race SSBB-

Ocarina of Time Medly SSBB-

Lost Woods Zelda Ocarina of time-

Well i got alot of work 2do but should be finished with all of these by the end of the year X( LoL plz be patient i have a life 2 you know... -_-and school stuff is annoying so yea...wait

Ill update this in the future and those asking about Donkey Kong Dsi3 Wait i gotta organize my stuff together X( thnx

Well thts all thnx 2 all my supporters and for taking your time to view my channel plz add comments,Stars,and Fave me i hope 2B known on hatena by alot of ppl and for tht to happen i need your help =)

Once Again thnx +) -Blazer














░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓░░░░░ I am a brawler. Put this on ur page if u r too.