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Hobbies:Softball, Wizard101 (I know, I'm a dork lol), Flipnote Hatena, Hanging with my friends, and training/playing with mah puppeh dawg!

Other: I have a border collie named Max. He is a year old and I love him with all my heart... (Except for when he's annoying me XD). Also, I switch back and forth between my mom's house and my dad's house week-to-week. Sadly, the wi-fi at my mom's house doesn't work, so I'm only on Hatena when I'm at my dad's house. (Every other week)

About MY NAME!

Ok, my name is really special to me because it was so important that I had to ask for permission to be able to use it! I asked the AWESOME creator Silverpaws (who sadly is no longer on Hatena TT) if I was allowed to use the name, and being the super sweet girl she is, she said yes. Silver, thanks so much for allowing me to use this as my username! And to all you people out there, SilverPaws is this the reason that I made up this username! Without her I never would've had the name BluePaws! So credit to SilverPaws for inspiring and allowing me to have this buttiful username XD