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mood:happy pappy

one word in mind:sleep

why you ask:Cuz I am tired

any filps in mind:My music flips I'm working on.

any flips your working on:Yes

why are you doing this:IDK

random:Blue Cheese!

__________________________________________ Ello! yes I said Ello my way of saying hi.anyways...My names chyanne I'm Black and asian I came to hatena a bit after Christmas.I live in Rialto CA.I love staying home doing nothing thats how I am lol hate the mall and stuff going out not my thing.I have a deviant art my names kairi4556 if you want to find me but I don't have new art work it's all the same.Well things I like The Beatles even if I'm told to stop listening to theirmusic flowers all kinds,music my fav singers and bands are Bullet for my valentine,All American rejects,Soad,Nevershoutnever,greenday,cascada,Evanescence,Chanel and Taylor Swift . My fav song of all time is "Every tim we touch" by Cascada. .Things I hate Hannah montana,Justin bieber, well thats it not much of a hater I am lol.Mostly how I look like is black hair and Brown eyes lol I hate my eyes pepole love them I want White or black eyes like everyone else.I was a sonic fan almost my hole life it started when I saw the tv show Sonic X but never drew Blaze and Rouge. well one morning I was waching Playin a game and I saw my fav character Silver I wanted to draw him so I got paper out and started drawing I love how it came out and then I became a bigger sonic fan!!! Later I found out about hatena and I saw the channels and I said to myself theres got to be a sonic one and there was.My 1St sonic game was Sonic Riders I finshed all of it I finsh every game I have like only in a few days no joke.I also have Rock band the beatles so I would love to play a game with some one just tell me in comments.I always try to make my fans happy no matter what!!! well thats all I have for now shout out to my friends in hatena Jade, Scarletfox, Jalin,and other pepole I'm too lazy to wright there names bye!!!