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I realy don't know what is that so I'll change that soon ! *we are wensday, September, 21st when I edited that*

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I realy don't know what is that so I'll change that soon ! *we are wensday, September, 21st when I edited that*

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Friends, we have a problem that we all are concerned. There are always more falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters!

If you agree, we will now make a number of clips with the title: Hate-Na. (Name by id:Candyvanessa)

The emphasis is on the "Hate", because more and more people appear here, to ruin Hatena!

So much people leave Hatena cause of this!

The name have to do with "Hate" but the content have to do with "Na", we say "No" to the falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters! Please tell it everywhere! I count on your support! Let us clean Hatena once and for all!

Please spread this message to others! When we all spread it, we will have enough people who agree!

EDIT : I think that you know the dislike button... and I think you know haters, no ? so... haters + dislike button = nothing interesting to see on popular flips exept stupid things 'cause they have diliked good flips by creators that they hate for dumb reasons = no more pepoles what join exept bad pepoles like copiers and false reporters but not good drawers what do cool animations

oh, and I hope that hatena's administrators will read that : so... you want to hatena be better and aslo your numbers of buisness too on the same time so... why do you give that stupid green star at all reporters *false or not* ? yeah, you say that you punish for all abuses, but why there is so many reports ? yeah, that ruins hatena ! there is no more good flips and only idiotic things on popular flips ! that's right ! WHERE are the good animations that we was able to see before false reporters and co comes ?! see, ALL THE GOOD ANIMATORS AND GOOD DRAWERS ARE LEAVING !!! you'll be annoyed when the only pepoles left here will be false reporters, scanners, copiers and co ! 'cause that kind of pepoles don't buy your stars at your stars shop ! the ones what buy them are REAL artist what have left because of all that haters and s*** what's now here ! and it's the same thing for flipnote hatena + ! copiers and reporters don't give a f*** 'bout it it's not them what will buy it ! THINK ABOUT IT IT'S NOT LIKE THAT THAT YOU'LL SAVE HATENA *and your numbers of buisness too* oh, and between, for the dislike button, if you could add a like button too we would be happy 'cause we won't be annoyed with haters no more... and think about it... you won't have no more that tons of complainements for false report and things like this if you act for the right things ! *I say for the RIGHT things, you've done an update for the channels what's more annoying than everything and totaly needless what we do NOT have asked for* yeah, so less complains than now ! you would be arranged if it happends, uh ? oh, and that copiers, haters and things like this are not realy attracting new drawers and new flipnoters... and no new flipnoters = no more pepoles for buy stars and Flipnote Hatena Plus accounts = no more pepoles for do animations = only pepoles what want to copy and report things will join = no more original draws = oh s*** the site is f***ed up there is no more pepoles for buy things ! oooooh there is no more money ! it's a piiiiityyyyyy !

I've forget this : if you don't give no more green stars for every reports... "normal" users too won't have it ! so for have it they will be forced to do good flips and a lot ! and aslo buy them... so what would happend ? no more false reporters + users what are more motivated for do they best + users what buy stars = more join 'cause they think that hatena is a cool place because more good flips = less pepoles leaves = more pepoles what buy stars = more pepoles what do good flips and a lot = MONEEEEYYYYYYYY = everybody is happy and if bad pepoles are angry, so they need to leave or to learn how to draw ! ya understand my logic ? and well, if complanations are reduct, you won't need to take all your time at managing them ! that too would reduct your invoice after all...


the music of a genious flip, but it was crualy reported... you know what I talk about, Laura ?

oh, and btw, false reporters, if you want realy you stupid and irreal green star, why don't you report copies ? there's more copies on hatena than flipnotes with 2 or 3 drops of bl00d !

WARNING : I officialy leave hatena... DSi BROKED

but if you realy like my work, go here :

so... see ya on dA !

EDIT : ya know, I (Gokuo) have stolen my creator's DSi (PinkGoku) so... I think I won't be here a lot OK but well I'm at dA too !

under reversed rainbow... don't you have your umbrela, under the cold rain ?...

Hi ! It's me, PinkGoku *you can call me peicha but yeah, EeveePink have leaved and now I'm no more Pink, I'm grey... when you leave my colors fade it grey numa numa yeah !* but Gokuo have stolen my DSi so if you see that my username is Gokuo don't be surprised 'K ?

I'm a girl *lol, a girl called "PinkGoku", this coulour because I like palkia, a pokemon*.

I'm French.

I can speak English *bad lol*...

My B-day is the 2nd of April (for the moment I'm 13... I HATE my B-day) I HATE Saint Valentine's day and vegetable !

I'm a fangirl of Vegeta and Goku ! I aslo like the Vocaloids and Teto...

I like you ! *I don't talk to copiers, false reporters and other bad pepoles* I love :


(note : I haven't got msn, twiter and facebook -_-')

fav. flip : *in work, not completed*

5th :

just for the fun, because I luv too mutch Goku and Vegeta... THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE IN IT !!!*

creator : だて *my computer can't read japenise...*

4th :

creator : Eevee'Pink

3rd :

2nd :

1st :

Now I've got some very good friends ! Nodime, CurlyShivy, Alfy Chan, Esperon, Vegeta-Kun, Fairy Cats and more (tell me if I forget you my memory was very bad)

AND NOW I'VE GOT A NEW FAMILY !!! it was called "Moon Ligth" lol epic ! I'm the leader I think...

members of the Moon Light family *not in order* (ML f) :

hope I don't forget anyway...*

now you can forget me...


LOL I'm dead LOL LOL I'm dead (repeat this over 9000 for d!e)




Thanks for the cute rabbit helix !!! merci ! j'ai trouvé ca dans ton profile je me suis dit que ca ferait mignon !


OMG... O_O thanks for reading my profile...

Gokuo : saiyan, OC created by PinkGoku, aslo called EvilGoku, what have stolen his creator's DSi. OVER 90000000000 years old and aslo a boy unlike his creator what's a 14 years old girl

ps : sometimes I leave and it's sometime for loooooooooongs times...

Full name

I NO GIVE but u can call me Peicha


Female but Boy chara


13 if that interested you


2 April

Blood type

...that interested you ?!


Draw everyday !



Place of residence

France, I don't tell more

Place of birth

France, I don't tell more


DRAW !!!


Francais *French* English and soon Spain *Españole lol*