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yo, everyone, as some as you know my name is zorosaururus, im 12 and im sometimes kind of curius, my birthday is in febuary 15th, im 50% USAn 50% venezuelan.

now a list of my friends:











crater x







if for you we are friends ask me, ill say yes if i feel the same for you


1:make everyone happy

2:make my own tv show in the future

nicknames:Zoro, ZS

highest rank:129

deviantART: Zorosaurus


Zoro: he is mt main character, a shy green T-rex, he was born in Mexico n loves mexican food n samba, he and its friends fight to save Hatena from noobs n Dragon, he haves a crush on Minel.

Dragon: He is tuff but foolish, Dragon come's to number 2 in main character list, he's an epic failure when trying 2 destroy and conquer Hatena, he haves a huge rivarly on Drapture.

R.O.K.: Rick was a human being 50 years ago, he died on one of the experiments n was revived whit some of its old DNA samples on a robotic body, R.O.K. always seeks revenge, whit its ability to absorb weapons and us them, he always likes to proof Dragon its tuffnes

Minel: she is a sweet eagle who always is there to help its friends in trouble, she can control the wind and the health, she doesnt rly know Zoro haves a crush on her.

Reporti: this huge hydreigon loves to be evil, he is Dragon's best friend and he is always whit him, when Dragon isnt looking, Reporti always takes care of Axus like if he was its younger brother <3, he is rly smart.

Axus: a shark possesed by the lightning, he chomps like no other, he can turn its common teeth into chainsaws that can destroy rock, steel n every material, he is Dragon's apprentis, he always acts like if he was its father.

Ninjaws:an eelektross that fights by R.O.K.'s side, he haves lots of speed and power, its favorite food is sardine pizza.

Flost: he is an undead ghost dragon that can control both fire and ice, he fights by R.O.K.'s side, he sometimes gets lazy to do its work n do teenager stuff, listening to Ipod, chatting on computer..... he is 17.

Maximus: he is a creature that haves the power to travel through time, he joins Zoro's team in H.A.T. comming soon..........

he haves the ability to turn its hands into every tipe of guns, machineguns, bazucas...........

Spider: these live all over Hatena, but not as a pest, they build houses, hotels, run bakeries, bank's................they r also police officers banning ppl from crossing to Rocky Field(where Dragon's Castle is found)

gives you a plate of cookies for reading

enjoy my flips