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these vid's are only for friends,and veiwers!(not false REPORTERS!!)

this is a list of my character's:

1)timber the amphoros(thunderbolt on forehead)

2)mist the amphoros(heart on forehead)

3)sparky the pichu(moon on hankercheif)

4)comet the fox(star on his eye&a C on his cap)

5)shift the victini(star on his hankercheif&he wears glasses)

6)penny the pug(bow on head&she wears a heart coller)

7)franky the daschund(hat(gangster style)and a coller)

PERSONAL charachters:

1)lunavee(wings,a blue moon on his head&and glasses)

2)dizzy wich evolved into sparks(thunder on his forehead,wings,a cloud on his hankercheif&glasses)

3)starpaw(has a star on the eye&wears a blue scarf)REMEMBER NO FALSE REPORTERS!!!! >o<

p.s. ill put mai initials in it when is completed. (~s.p.)

here are mai goals:

(1)help me complete them all!!!,

(2)get a purple star,

(3)get a green star,~s.p.

(4)get a blue star,~s.p.

(5)get #1 on top creator&flipnote,

(6)get a red star,

(7)get 100,000 stars,

(8)get more than 1,000 fans,

(9)get more than 2,000 stars on one flip (Ex.4,000),

(10)Secret!!you'll have to Wait till i post what it is(if completed),