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yeah, so currently sharing file with my sister, otherwise known as "Cupcake". I believe you"ll all be smart enough to difference her drawing style from mine, also all her flips say: made by cupcake at some point or other. To all her fans: Im really impressed by your loyalty to her, youre great people. :) And I dont know if you care or not but sorry I dont post too much. I have like 15 flips in my Dsi that are all almost finished but Im lazy ,have lost inspiration and dont have time. (haha personal rant going on). Whatever, enjoy our flips (all have taken lots of hard work),add stars and comments (if you wish)and just... have a good time. :)♥


Hey, Copycat here and I've come back from the dead! haha. Sorry, don't think I haven't been working all this time even more half or more than half finished flips. Gah, I really have to start posting more often my sisters really taken over my profile! (Don't worry you know I still love her and everything, lol) Hatenas gone somewhat downhill huh? Anyway, its of no matter there are still very good creators and talent lying around lets work together and gather it to its former "glory" or whatever. :D Oh yeah, one last thing, my family's going on vacation around july so count me and my sister out for that month, unless by some miracle we find internet connection (will search) My monolouge has ended thankyou very much for your attention and happy birthday to you random citizen ! >:D


Dec. 18 2011

Dear god, how much can a single person say. hehe sorry I'll try to keep it short this time. Basically, Im giving my DS and Hatena ID to my sister (since she's pretty much taken over) (*Ive had to steep as low as having to "steal" it at night) ( haha seriously) anyway. Yeah, maybe I'll buy myself another DS and start another file, Im not exactly sure, but.. meh. Its really been a pleasure. Attentively: Copycat