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I am le Fran.

I like the number 27. It shows up a lot in my life.

I like Patrick stump. If you haven't noticed.

I listen to music such as, Patrick stump, fall out boy, my chemical romance, green day, blink 182 and stuff like that. And Abril lavigne. I can't forget her.

And yeah. I like cheese a lot.

I have a lot of stuff wrong with me. Like, I'm not weird. It's just what's wrong with me. Psychological diseases.

I am eleven, I have brown hair with a shade of black and red (natural hair color is red). I need anger help; if I start screaming at you, then I'm really sorry.

I'm nice once you get to know me. But if I don't like you I'll be mean. Or if you're one of my closer friends.

My hatena friends (most left...)

Kat (olyvio)

Will (williaso)

Nick (nicholas)

Lipgloss (Lipgloss)

And yeah. Jinger was also my best friend. But she left. :(

Kk. That's all. Bye xoxo