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Yo what is down my houses? lol wut. I decided to update this description since my old one was lame. Kay so uh... I like people to call me Nika, a shorter version of mah name. ...I like bacon. Mmm piggies :l Uh moving on. I hope that didn't offend anyone. Coz, I mean vegans are cool. Haha

.I'm a girl

.I'm 14

.Dark Brown hair Dark Brown eyes.

.I'm straight

.I like to bite people. It's a fetish.. I can't help it..

.I love hugs

.I don't like bugs, only lady bugs ewe

.I'm overly nice sometimes

.I'm kinda moody.. I geuss xD Aren't we all e.e

.I'm unbelievably stupid

.IRL I'm really antisocial .__."

.I love you. lolwut..

Leshee, my fav bands/artists are(In no particular order):

Adele, Disciple, Hillsong, As I Lay Dying, Avicii, Natalie Grant, Lecrae, Desperation Band, Blindside, Zeds Dead, Borgore, Newsboys, Green Day, Brandon Heath, Paramore, Hawk Nelson, Meredith Andrews, Carrie Underwood, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Family Force 5, DatsiK, Deadmau5, Decyfer Down, For Today, Flux Pavilion, Evanescence, Secondhand Seranade, Unhindered, Red, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Fireflight, Skillet, Flyleaf, Audrey Assad, Group 1 Crew, Amber Pacific, And Then There Were None, Kutless, Metro Station, Nero, The Ready Set, SHINee, Stereopony, Stryper, Switchfoot, Sidewalk Prophets, Six Pence None the Richer, Mercy Me, etc. xD I dun feel like putting more..

Um.. I am currently 5'5"

I thought I was 5'7" till I actually checked my height... That means mah Ma is a midget lulz.

I'm doin this on a Sunday morning Be4 church, dats right imma Christian... CHRIST REP .o.

Lol I am one of the worst christians of all time.. orz I'm going to he.ll.. .__.

.... //goes to repent// lolwut..

Mayyynnnn, I'm tryna grow my hair 4 inches. When I was younger my hair was mid back legnth, till I cut it all the way to the base of my neck a while back. Now I'm having a hard time growing it back, but mark my words I shall succeeeddddddd //hiss//

It's already grown past shoulder length in a couple months! Yay!

I love cats and puppies, but big dogs scare me. O-O Our lil secret, shhhh..

I like to wear my hair curly OOOOhh!

You know kids really do scream for Icecream!? The icecream truck just passed and all these kids are yelling outside my window ewe

I freaken heart you. O-O

My room is cold, just how I like it. I'm in a sweater xD It's that cold haha (just in my room tho, outside is hot.)

God, I hate summer. Summer is like as hot as... camel ba.lls, in an easy bake oven, on the sun, while being blasted with nitroglycerin, while being exposed to gamma rays, while the sun is exploding with blue and white fire, while your grandma is making cookies in a bikini.... with 400 pounds of hot sauce (.___.)"

lol this is an inside joke xD

anyway I wish it was winter all. Year. Long. O-O

I hart WaTer .u.

Hey how ya doin lil' mama, can you sit over here? Tell me a lil sum'n I might like to hear. Let me get all the answers for numbers 1-4 and I'll tap you again if I need some more.. Girl why you playin, coz you know I'm the best, coz when it comes to the cheatin don't get caught like the rest. Is it A, B, C, or D? Girl you need to tell me sum'n for a christmas tree. :l lol whisper cheat song xD

.-. This still sounds lame.. lolohwell..








Artist. Someday a Mangaka :DDD