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HEY!hi im random!but plp usually call me cynthia(which is my real name)my name is cinthya but my mom spelled it rong cause she switched the y and i. lololol

ok so my carrer here is to draw RANDOM stuff.i draw sonic,anime,chibi,pokemon,pony,stick,and random o.c's. :)

i love hatena so much.this is my home!so how bout i tell u more bout my self!and my info.



specie:human (duh! xD)

personality:kind,mean at times,shy,quite,adorable! irrigant(sometimes)lololol

day of birth:APRIL 19th 2000

bio:my life was dedicated to draw sing play piano and flute a science lover an author actress and a veterinarian. :) thts it.idk wat else to say?

i have about 10 main o.c's

1st-cinthya mystic

2nd-cin yukima

3rd-cindy the stick chara

4th-star the stick chara

5th-lirmi the unknown creature

6th-tiffany the espeon

7th-belle the bunny

8th-red star the bunny

9th-mystic the unisus (unicorn & pegasus lol bad combination)

10th-koizumi koremi

yep,all my 10 o.c's :D

well idkwets?i guess i can say wat i lik and dislike.


hatena,my crush,drawing,books,

animals,babies xD,nintendo games,fairytale stories,the moon,

night,funny plp,my friends in hatena,my friends in real life,my family,and YOU! lolololol only if u lik my art!

DIS-LIKES!:false-reporters,annoying plp,show offs,meat,vegetables,sea food,my bad art :(,nightmares,scary stuff, valentines day,(im shy to giv cards to boys at school (>///<)

and i mostly dis-like...myself...

ok so hmm wat else to say...ohh my fav anime shows!

1st-Zero no tsukaima(the familiar of zero) funny and p-ervy.

2nd-lovely complex cute!

3rd-special A cool.

4th-kaichou wa maid-sama cute and funny!

5th-shakugan no shana scary but cool!and cute 2!

6th-he is my master funny and p-ervy

7th-shugo chara cute and funny

8th-devil may cry scary and a bit funny...i quess :T

9th-naruto funny and cool!(i dont think naruto is an anime show.idk?)

10th-Fairy tail funneh and cooleh!

so there!all my 10 fav anime series!you gotta watch em!i watched them lik at the age of 5 and up! ewe ohh and i also have a deviantart account! my username is:RandomMicro152

(i dont rlly draw and upload pics...i just comment and do other thinking about uploading drawings and stuff but idk cause i want to get the thing that helps u draw realistic but i dont wanna ask my parents cause they dont know i have an account on devianart...hehehe...ill work it out. :)

well im out of words to say...

  • .-' so i guess this is good-bye...

BYE! watch my flips and post on my channel PLEASE!!!!

ARIGATO! to watashi wa kore o yonde anata ga tanoshinde ne!

thankyou and i hope you enjoyed reading this!



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