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Gah silly backspace button why you to.rment me..

Anyhoo Welcome To My Creators Room!

You Likey.. No.. Leave At Once! *Sl.ams door behind ha.ters*

Hello fans, friends and anyone else

I'd firstly just like to say omg thankyou all so much for being awesome fans&friends! Thankyou all for the stars, nice/supporting comments and welcoming me to Hatena.

My flipnotes contain art, randomness and updates.. no love series or bi.tch!ng about anyone.. Not yet anyway

If you flick through my "Stuff" flipnotes which i make once a month there you will find everything you'll need to know about upcoming flips, news, new draws ect...

I do go on chats but not alot anymore as i am busy with homework and school! So please do not be shocked if i don't post a flipnote on the date i was meant to!

So far i havn't made a deviantart but i am thinking about it.. On there you will find journals talking about what i am thinking of doing in future flips ( e.g series, collabs, comps ect.. ) and i might post flipnotes through there just incase you lose your dsi or something

My Name Is Ray And I Love My Fans & Friends Dearly

Hugs For All Of You! xxoo