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nothin >o<

Self introduction

Updated 11th of march 2012~

Hello Everyone And Welcome to my Profile!


1.My Name Is ADaM O3o and I live in Ireland ◔_◔

2.I love flipnote

3.I got my character from watching to much tomska so credit to him ^U^

4.I am a Boy.......People used to say ''are you a boy or girl.....'' ಠ_ಠ

Now into The real deal...............XD Wut?

I used to draw stick men and trust me they were **** XD

and then I watched Asdf Movie and I went ''Hey I got a Idea!

I made a flip it turned out CR@P XD

But then I practiced every day and now I love animating

anyways I went to a shop today and got cookies.....want one? (✌゚∀゚)☞ lol


I have made alot of Freind's over the past year ;)

Nieko,kaboom,layton,clarrisa,kay,simon,ham,zara,raving ryan,Flipkid,alakay,valeria,jester,tig and lot's more :) and of course not to inclue every one of my fan's (•‿•)


1.Can you give me colored stars?

I have none ಠ_ಠ

2.Can you fave me?

sorry I have reached my limit of adding people :'(

Hantena goals~ .= not done,x= done

get rank 1 .

get rank 5 .

get rank 10 x

get rank below 100 x

get 10000 stars x

get 50000 stars x

get 100000 stars .

get 1000000 stars .

get 1000 stars on flip x

get 5000 stars on flip x

get 10000 stars on flip .

get 100000 stars on flip .

get green star x

get red star x

get blue star x (on old account)

get purple star x (also on other account .U.)

get 10 fans x

get 50 fans x

get 100 fans x

get 200 fans x

get 300 fans x

get 400 fans .

get 500 fans .

get 1000 fans .

get 10000 fans .