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i am so crispy that u can't get me off that's right u can't even get me off. I'm like

super crispy not super man... super crispy, is he a bird? is it a plane? no it's

super crispy! this story is made by crispier u can look me up at www.super

part2 forget crispy look at your new super hero! crispier man. shazam? what? just

happen? now im crispier boy! ya ya that's right all u people are like what just

happen? ya ya shazam! now crispierboy u can look me at www.crispier

part3 im your new hero super butt kicken man he kick's the butt so hard that he go's in the air to the moon not your butt! that's all u better like this or he well

kick u so hard that u well go to mars u can look me up at www. i well kick

gues what! all the super hero's are going to kill u if u want to stay a

live lot's and lot's of star's later