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Hey it's me musicgirl :P

Here are my friends and pals

JuJuPhantom (Lissa)












Pencil and Ink(I gonna miss you D:)


I think that's it cause I forgot a lot like the time I forgot my instermental 8 time's and ran like crazy :P

I have a crazy fun loving dramatic family

My friends in real life are Meryann(the funny brave tomboy friend)Mia(the fun caring trusting friend)Angelica(the funny fun friend)Naomi(the funny fun friend)Yaismin(the smart caring friend)Jenny(the fun friend)Maritza(the fun funny crazy caring friend)Xiomara(the fun funny caring friend)Andrea(the fun caring friend)Tiffany(the fun caring friend)Samantha(the fun caring friend)and me Yesslein(the crazy caring fun friend)we all look like a club and group but were friends:)they all helped me through problems and standed up for me too and I do the same thing.

I play the violin =P

I love chocolate,Doritos,Mexican candy >w<

I hate bullies>:P,FR(that goes to da person who keeps doing that to me for no reason >:P),Haters,mean people

My life is full of comedy(a lot xD)and drama(a lot -.-")

I had this dream that someone k!lled my family and the ones I love and that was I made a promise that I should take care of the ones I love and helpless people too

I like the shows Phineas and Ferb,Advertime time,Teen titans(don't judge meeee xD)Pretty little Liars,etc.

I'm childish sometimes xD

I'm usually hyper and crazy xD

I like having fun,going to party's(fact:I usually say this when I come to a boring looking party"this is going to be the worst party evah -A-"and my reaction when I leave the party"Woo that was fun I wish that happened again xD"again don't judge meeeeee xD)drawing,my old school,my friends in real life (da girls)

I'm half tomboy and half girlygirl

I have visions sometimes like what's gonna happen next =P

I like playing hide and seek(cause I'm really good at hiding xD)tag(cause I'm fast and sneaky xD)capture the flag(cause I mostly do it with my friends)that's it I guess 030

I live in this small town in ny near new jersey

My birthday is November 10th

I love the colors blue,purple,black,and red

I'm Mexican that mostly explains a lot xD

I love soccer

Im in da Rodriguez family so dats why every time someone says "hru?"to me I say "awesome"xD

I like to do the hula hoop xD

I like running and swimming

I got a dark side and so does my family -.-"

I guess that's it byeeeeeeeeee and stop st@lk!ng me like Brian Arpi xD byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Topic of da day:Having a good day so far just finished eating my favorite breakfast PANCAKE :D

Stop s+@lk!ng meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >:U