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Yo this is Dan,

And i have a plan

To take over flipnotes,

Cuz i can! lol jk

(smart scientist voice) I make a variety of flipnotes including music flipnotes, camera, and completely random flipotes that other people enjoy and express their love with the awe inspiring stars, to the comments that have an impact on my life. I produce these flipnotes in random manner, with no warning. So beware, some of these might suck, while others are great and mighty!!!

ANYWAY, if you want to know more about me, check out my flipnote with random facts in it, go to the one that says "Hey" on the front, or search "Facts by Dan."

I've been 3rd in the WORLD before!!! (for a day lol)

Thanks to my Tik Tok flipnote.

Anyway if you have read all of this, post in my newest flipnote: "shpadoinkle" as it is my favorite word.

And now for the dreaded words...




p.s. Have a nice day!!!