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Hi my name is Hannah Giersdorf.I live in Pigeon Forge TN. I love to draw animals mainly wolves. I love to make friends and hope who evers looking at this will be my friend the only thing that ticks me off are mean people.Im akind,outgoing,caring,silly,giving,and some what smart girl.I owen 2 dogs duce is a cockapoo and rudy is a black lab i also owen a fat cat his names ranger.If you want to contact me my email is



my goal on hantana is to make a 100000 friends.Hobbies playing video games,drawing,hanging with family,hiking,swimming,fishing, camping,takeing photos of wolves,readinng,drawing,painting,beading when im not doing that im voliteering at the animal shelter. i have 1 brother who is 8 tate 1 sister who is 14 when i go to college i plan on becoming a vet.im also single and looking for Mr.right

feel free to state your thoughts i do not report enlse you are being cruel. Also i owen a 3Ds and i need some 3ds friends so if you have a 3ds go to my flip 3ds friend code excgange please add me i really need 3ds friends so please add me