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my favorite color is blue and purple.(6-1-11) I'm new to hatena but i know what to do now! This is so fun! I'm enjoying this fun website on dsi and web. HMU on fb.. deborah hkgod gee

ok..4 my boo Erick<3:

Wens 4 yrs gonna come on by?!? its like 4eva but anything 2 c u!! ...grr been so long since i've talked 2 you.....</3 I fukin miss you like mad!!! Im for realz!!!!! Can't stop thinking when is the next time i can get to talk 2 you.. but from this point of you..... idk.... im wondering if your just ignoring me.. if you are.. u can come up front.. and ill leave you alone.. even though that ill still have feelings for you.. you already know!!! E+D= Forever..... Well cant wait tell im 18 and out so i can come visit you...... Grrr!!! Just one day.. when that day comes.... We be kicking it and shyt.. even with our NUMBER ONE HOME BOII!!! ENRIQUE!!!!!!! :) Still is and will always be #1!! #real TALK!!! ... So.. Im just waiting for the day i can talk 2 you once more again.. i bet it might be SUMMER!!! ALMOST HERE 2!!!! ughhhh.. anyways u still gotta make a fb.. :(.... well peace out!! 5/5/12 @12:48.... depress with out my one love...... the one that cant be replace.. no one like him the unique, awesome, nice, kool dude 2 talk 2.. the one that is for you the matter what.... <3 My only Erick .. lol just started singing this song.. BABY COME BAK!!!!!!!

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