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this cat is not my work <----- anyway, hello! my name of corse is elsadog797 yada yada blah blah blah. im 11 and im awesome at drawing on paper. to proove it to you (not really proove it to you... u sadly might not beleave me but its true) i won an award from my art! my favorite animals are guinea pigs, wolves, dogs, cats, and alot of other critters! (degus gerbils mice ect) im so glad i have so many friends on here! if you want to be my friend, just asume you are! cause i almost (99% of the time) want to be ur friend! even tho i dont know you! lol! :D i am friends with the world! lol! and my b-day is march 11th! I LOVE LOVE LOVE minecraft! its the funest game on earth! :D well to me... maby to you another game is better... own apinion. lol i spelled it incorectly! well... i think thats all... if you want to know more, just ask me and ill tell you! O! i almost forgot to tell you! my favorite pet that i have had (and only had not have... D:) is snickers my guinea pig! i miss him so much... :( anyway thats all bye for now!