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I am a girl and I love to draw. I also love to share my drawings and animations with other people and find out what they think of them... Once I found out about flipnote hatena, I automaticly thought that I needed an account. My name is Kaya. "pronounced (K-uh)."

I have a pet ferret and I love her very much. Her fur colour is Champaigne. her type (patterns) is a siamese/panda. Her name is Peach and I got her for my 11th birthday, which is on april 1st. I'm not kidding! I was born on april fools day!

I am a tomboy... so I tend to like some things that boys would tend to like... For instance, I like Dragons, Dinosaurs and reptiles.

I also like ferrets, wolves, dogs, dolphins and whales.

My favourite whale is called the "Killer whale." Its' scientific name is the "orca whale" and its' latin name is "orcinus orca."

That's all I have for now I quess... Bai! :D