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i will be getting a new dsi sometime this week so i will most likely be making new flips... maybe depending on how school is >.< but i probably will make some though oFTo

well thats all :)


Hello im Diana :)

you probably dont know me and most likely idk you either so heres some info about me oFTo

Gender: Female :D


Grade: Sophomore (10th grade)

Sports I Like: Soccer, Volleyball, Running, and Basketball

Likes: Baking, Animals <3, Saving the Earth, hanging out with friends, COOKIES, meh family, being on Hatena

Dislikes: People that trash our Earth >:( , drama, bad people...

Favorite Song: What Makes you Beautiful- 1D

Favorite Show: Bob's Burgers

Favorite Book: Wizard of Oz :D

Well that's me and now you know me a bit more than before :D ill add more when i have time. or when i remember too O_O

Well bye-bye

C ya l8r allig8r ewe heh heh...

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