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Best rank: 806

I am a 13 year-old girl who loves to draw wolves, and enjoys music, so Hatena seems to be the perfect pick! I love hatena and flipnote studio, except for the fact that i couldnt make my own flip to save my life... i just dont have the skill yet.


things i want done:

-faved by Minionwolf

-faved by Peacewolf

-faved by just about anyone i have faved...

-700 rank

-30,000 stars (total)

-a red star

-be able to create my own quality amv that gets at least 1,000 stars




Minionwolf (i think)




If you want to be my friend just ask. I'll think about it. :)

Real name: Sarah Wade

Fav. movies: Alpha and Omega, buddies movies, Lady and the Tramp, Pokemon, Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmations, Lion King, and Lion King 2.(many more)

Fav. books: Wolves of the Beyond series, Hunger Games.

Fav. games: Just Dance 1 2 and 3, Pokepark.

Fav. bands/singers: Three Days Grace, Skrillex, Zac Brown Band, Skillet, Bon Jovi, many, many, more!

Fav, music genre: Hard rock, country, dub-step.



Scar: Scar is my main O.C., and like a lot of my characters, had a terrible childhood and early adulthood. His mother was ki.lled by a grizzly bear which was provoked by a near-by demon. Scar was always bullied and has several Scars because of it. His mother gave him the name because his dad had attacked him and gave him a perminant scar over his left eye. The father was run off soon after. :)

Scar X: Scar X is Scar's demon who lives in him. He is very violent and takes over Scar to ki.ll wolves just for the pleasure. Every scar Scar has ever had is visible when Scar X is active. Scar can't get rid of Scar X because Scar X is WAY TO STRONG. Scar is told that Scar X is a demon-angel, which he later finds out isn't true.

Mavi: Scar's mate. Her childhood was very normal. The only thing was her dad was insane. He attacked her so she ran away where she met Scar.

Fireball: Scar's brother. He has fireballs over his eyes and is a red wolf.He also wears a necklace that Scar gave him when they were pups. He was seperated from Scar when they were little, and Fireball spent years searching for him.

Experiment X (Starheart): This wolf had a screwed up life in general. She was taken by humans to a laboratory, where she is a major test subject. She is covered in scars and stitches, has only one eye, one ear, and no tail. She let hair grow over the missing eye. She became mates with Quincy, but Quincy cheated on her and she ends up running from him. She used to have a heart over her eye, but that is now replaced by a scar and a smudge.

Zach: Is a demon wolf who ahd a terrible childhood because his step-father was a terrible wolf. Now he spends his days taking over animals to have fun and try to forget what was so bad for him. :/

Jewel: Zach's mate. Ehh... she's pretty boreing, lol.But she knows how to control Zach's anger; that's a plus, right!? ^_^

Sarah: Represents me and is mates with Zane. <3

Zane: Represents my boyfriend and is mates with Sarah. <3


I think that is about it. ask me any question you want, i read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT I GET.

Thanks for your time! ^_^


Full name

Sarah Marie Wade


Female, DUH




Reading, drawing, playing with my dogs. :)