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Has a boring life. Nuff' said.

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Has a boring life. Nuff' said.

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Time to waste your time by reading useless information!

Hello there fellow Hatenian! Flipnote Hatena is a wonderful stie to share your ideas and creations to the community and make new friends from around the globe. Although this place went down hill and is now flooded with spam, stolen, and star begging flipnotes, it still a fun place to be. I originally was going to make my comics from my journal to here(I still might do it), but then somehow I just didn't. ಠ_ಠ

Another little fun fact is that I was going to make Kirby my OC, then came KirbyStar-who was a lot better than I am- so I just sticked with my little Toast. My OC with the red 3-pointed hat doesn't have much history(then again none of my OC's do xD). But the hat kinda does. Anyone remember that old-but-still-around-MMORPG called Runescape? I loved that game as a kid, I still play it sometimes but like once every 4 months. So anyway there was this really rare and EXTREAMLY expensive hat you could get at some trade center. It value is high due to the fact that it's a really old item releases in the classic version of the game. I wanted that so bad. I would do anything to get enough money to buy it. But then over the first few weeks of its discovery I just completely gave up. That hat was the red three-pointed hat my OC wears.

  • ■_■)> ~Simplisity itself.

Words to live by.

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October 1, 1998


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your mom.

LOL JK I have none.


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