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Updated on 11/10/11: hey everyone, so apperently i have been banned from the site for a week for my comments. so i'll be able to come back next wednesday... so bye for now...

Flipnote progress:

Home MV: This flip may be canceled ono

Music is Life MV: Yeah.., this on may be cancelled too...

Corrupted Light Remake: After looking at the original, i thought “WTF?!” So i decided to redo it. It'll get done.

  • G.T. part 9: After this episode, Blu's, Celtra, and Flamegin will have their current looks as well as a new cover.

I dicided to work on only one flip at a time cus working on several at once is too much!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!DX

So I officially have a job and it sucks OnO soon I'll be paying for the internet. This obviously cuts alot of time here and my progress, but I am making progress.

So yes... I added EVEN more, just keep scrolling! Bye for now!!OFTO

Added on 4/11/11: I got the 3DS on Sunday, and man oh man is it so epic! The graphics are incredibly smooth; far better than the DS. the slider is very accurate. I like it more than PSP's slider, only because thumb fits it and it's smooth. 3D pictures are kind of a blur to me but that may vary from person to person.

What people may not understand is that the 3DS projects NATURAL 3D, not movie or t.v 3D! So don't say that it is a bunch of nonsense! It is a very powerfull system, and perhaps nintendo's greatest system. So if you have any questions about the 3DS or the games, just leave me a comment. Thanks for reading. Now enjoy my old description below

Hello one and all! Welcome to Electragigon Studios!

Here are sone new facts about me:

Gender:Dude dB

Age:old o~o

b-day:Why do you care!? >:U

fav. soda:Root beer and Dr.Pepper

color:Generally any dark color


(NEW)I am a metroid fan, and a Smash bros. fan(though I never played the one on the 64) I also enjoyed the game "Vigilante 8" both the first and second. I think the 64 was nintendo's last great home console...

Anyways my fav. pokemon are Pikachu, Pichu, and Raichu. I also love Darkrai and Arceus. I think Sinnoh had the some of the most epic legends of all. I am no longer a fan of pokemon... thank you B/W. I have Platinum, but i used it inly for voice chat.

I love Japanese music... even though I don't know what they're saying. LOL but I don't care because it sounds cool. I also love songs that were made by the Sweedish group Caramell. Most people only know their Caramelldansen song, which is not right. They have other great songs, besides Caramelldansen. MY favorite Japanese group is Access. They are just fantastic. My favorite song by them is the song, "Higher Than Dark Sky." I used this song for my Valentines day flip. OMFG I just got addicted to Vocaloid!!!^^ Why can't we make awesome music like the Japanese? ono


I try to make as many friends as I can. I don't like to make enemies. I hate when people critisize(problaby spelled that wrongXD) my work without telling me how to improve it. It seriously bugs me and I can't let it go. I know I am not the best, I'll admit that I'm quite bad, but I try my best. I truly appreciate everyone's postive comments. It's what keeps me going on.

Stay strong and always keep faith with you. After all it's what make the world go 'round.<3

Meh O.C.'s:

Blu- he is a blue colored pichu and is also part Galaxin*.It's a mystery why he is blue. Possing a long past, he forgot it from an accident. He is not exactly the brightest pichu, but he has a good heart.

Celtra- A legendary Galaxin*, and Blu's best friend. He is the being of all good and the voice of reason. It's also told he is the protector of all life. However Blu always manages to have Celtra's goofy side come out.

Flamegin- A fire-type Galaxin with gentleman- like qualites. However since he is a fire type he has a short temper. He wonders how he ended up with Blu and Celtra. He is not seen around all too often...

Pinkchu(pink)- A pink colored pichu and Blu's ex. Falling in love with Blu they had a sweet, but short lived relationship. She has not appeared much since the break up between them.

Shadow Celtra- A wicked and dark demon with an unknown origin. It appears as though he is a dark twin of celtra. not much more is known about this creature or what his purpose is


Galaxin's are creatures that are in my series “The Great Tournament”

Meh friends:





Kirbysam tm

E.S.P.(My awesome bro^FT^)

BlueUmbre(my dear awesome brother!!!XD)



RedJiggs(my brother!^^)

Mori(my little sister)


Roxas(meh aura bro ewe)

Jaycko JR(gone)







You guys are all fantastic!<3

So while you're here, feel free to browse all my flips. There is quite a selection and the collection is only going to get bigger. Enjoy!