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Hello. ^^

How's it going.?


Names Sevrin. -3-

But who cares.?

Well i'm officially not returning to hatena since I don't have my DSi anymore. D:

My mom had to take it away from me for no reason & now. I'm not getting it back no more.

So long hatena.

But I can still chat with you guys. :D

What else you guys wanna know.? o__o

I'm not that good at giving stuff 'bout myself unless you ask me 'bout myself. ( huge confusion, right.? o.e )

Name : Sevrin.

Fav. Colors : Black , Purple , Pink.

Fav. Animal : Penguin. x3 It's so fluffy.!

Relationship Status : 00/00/00 ( Forever Alone. )

I give shout out's too all the awsome people. < 3

That's ALOT of names. o__o

But just know you are one of 'em. ^_^

I can't think of what else to type 'bout.... .___.

Well TTYL guys. ^^

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