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uh...hey..My name is Alcie..nice to meet you.:)

I really don't get why u are on my profile and are reading this..but..who cares..

welcome..well uhm..im russian,italian,and german..

Ti amo..

Aber ich weiß, u really dont love me.

aber es ist okay! ich leide und ich weine und ich blute aber Im stark.

Ich schreie vor Schmerz schweigend in der Nacht an dich gedacht ..

weil ich weiß, im never gonna der Lage sein, dein sein ..

I love you.

но ты не любишь меня.

davvero? do u think la sua divertente di non amare qualcuno? non è giusto.

its funny.really.

okay..u all may notice that i havent been on..well my orph got robbed while we all were away,and most of the expensive stuff got tooken,my dsi got tooken.but the orph bought a computer and i still have mia phone.soo.yea.ill try to be on as much as possible.sorry guys.</3

cant catch me boii cant catch boi im overseas about 100gs to show.


leaving from Italy to Colombia wednsdayyyyy.


im in colombia.o.0

wellll im having fun?yay.:L