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I honestly hate the community on this site.

I just can't connect with a lot of the people here. At least the ones I have connected with are awesome people. But seriously, a lot of them think they're so smart, when really, when I see a lot of their comments, they sound like dumb 3rd graders (which probably they are). Plus the whole stealing problem that goes on. Like really, they steal it thinking the site is just some giant competition to see who can get the most stars. And NO OFFENSE STAFF, BUT YOU'RE NOT REALLY DOING JACK SHIT ABOUT THIS WHOLE PROBLEM.

I regret coming back to this site, in all honesty, so I don't think i'll be posting anymore flipnotes here :/

It use to be so much fun.

But I'd like to say, I'm really glad I met my first three friends on this site (Shikamaru, Choji, and Pie<3101) you guys talked to me and made me feel welcomed. it was so much fun seeing you three grow in your animation skills. I'll never forget you guys, and the hours i spent staying up just to chat with you guys XD and thanks to the FMA brotherhood channel, i was able to meet new friends, and be apart of the "FMA girls" gang |D But alas! when a series ends, so does the interests, so we "sorta" parted ways. but then we got into Hetalia! and we're still able to talk, even past the limits of fandomism and talk about weekend plans and movies and other things, not just anime. as if we were just talking on IM.

so, some good things came out of this site, and i'm glad i was able to join when this site still had quality people. but still, the dumb 3rd graders are taking over, and i don't want to be put in a community like that.

so i guess this is goodbye. i'll probably post a few flipnotes here and there, but rarely will i ever talk to you guys :/