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hello, I'm fangirl :P derp I'm just a girl that enjoys drawing and has many oc's that doesn't want to show anyone because she thiks no one cares =w= I really like hetalia, as well as deathnote, homestuck, black jack, dororo (wow this is really old), pokemon(just the games really), and souleater. I'm only thirteen and have been mistaken as my mom's sister XD. I live somewhere in the vicinity of the east coast of america.

please don't put me in your favorites if you like none of those things (especially hetalia XD) or I'm just going to spam your new favorites.

likes: colors, eating, drawing, sleeping, procrastinating, tea, my computer, chocolate, volleyball, and people enjoying my artwork :U

dislikes: people who brag that they are italien because they watch jersey shore, noobs, people who date on hatena, people who complain about their life on hatena, hatena itself(sometimes), spicy food, getting a B+ in something, hot weather, people who have bad grammar and can pronounce words correctly, and me realizing I hate a lot of things XD

I'll probably update this later if I need to...


october 31


vietnamese and english