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I'm a Pokemon, MLP, Monsterpocalypse, and Skylander collector. For 2 years, I've been waiting to sign up in Flipnote Hatena. My real name is Phillip Pilo and I was born in 3/06/99

My Hatena name means god of all pegasus (the X means lv. X).

Also, I'm a autograph collector. I got Chris Hemsworth's autograph (actor of Thor) and other famous people.

My dream is to be a famous dj when I grow up.

My main goals is to have good fans on my side and collect lots of things.

Pegazeus was the mightiest pony hero ever lived in Ponyville, until Queen Chrysalis and Kaos defeated him. After the Core of Light exploded, Pegazeus wanted help from the scariest hero called Scarecrow. After a few months from the practice for the war, Spyro and the Skylanders teamed up. When the war began, Pegazeus got his Super-X upgrade and beat up Chrysalis and Kaos, although their army will strike again.

Pegazeus-X's new Allies are Clever, Scarecrow, Noel Vermillion, Dragus, Spyro, Rainbow Dash, Ash, Shadow Sun Syndicate, Cole, and Thor.

Pegazeus-X's main enemies are Kaos, Ragna, Hazama, Queen Chrysalis, Deadshot, SIN Team, Team Plasma, Mewtwo, Kyurem, and Planet Eaters.