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If you actually read this is beacause you still remember me, I think that is great, and feel thankfull that I have great fans!

However, I got some bad news, I dont feel interested in making animations anymore, its not Hatena or its servers.

But, it would be disrespectful if I didn't say thanks right? So I want to thank everyone that always looked foward to my animations and liked them.

I have matured alot, listen to alot of music and learning alo about it, I have started to play other games. In my honest opinion I fell Call of Duty a boring game. Black Ops wasn't good, and Modern Warfare 3 is too repetitive, in my opinion Moder Warfare 2 was better. My favorite games right now are:

1.Borderlands (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

2.Uncharted 2 and 3 (PS3)

3.Skyrim (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

4.Batman: Akraham City (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

5.Battlefield 3.(PS3, Xbox360, PC)

6.Starfox 64 (Nintendo 64 and 3DS)

yeah, some people might not agree with my opinion and insult me, go ahead, its not gonna change my opinion. Many people might say: ''But starfox 64 is too old'' So? It is still fun.

I have matured alot and have made alot of mistakes, and had discussions with people and was pretty immature, I judged and started to say he was a bad animator because he gave an honest argument of my work. Not every comment is gonna have a possitive opinion right? For everyone I did that to, I am sorry. But I apologize to a person I insulted, said he sucked, and other stuff for giving opinions of my animations. His name starts with a ''E'', sorry for all of that I was pretty immature.

thank you to all my friends here in Hatena that helped me get this much apreciation, even if it isn't that much I still apreciate the cause.


I appreciate what you have done for me, and had a great time making animations and making friends here, I apologize if I was annoying or did bad things here.

With that said, I will go and live my life.

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