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Hello there! Im Cresent! A adventureous 10 year Old girl, when I was signing up for school my scores were so high they thought I was going into 7th and I'm going into FITH grade oh my glob!!! My b-day is sept. 27 and it's getting close. I'm getting a XL on my bday and that will be my main account and this one will be for RPs and clan stuff lol. So no amvs will be on here. My new account will be lily or EpicWings. Hmm..... MY FRIENS

                        • /-------------------

Midnitwolf (my best hatena friend ever!)


Pixel fire (sis)

Cyan(my bro)

AshFire (my bud and shc clan RP buddeh)

De.ath (My shc bud and Shc RP bud)

Mockingjay (bud)


Sorry if I ha forgot u >:( I have terrible memory.

~Cresent~TOMBOY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!