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last updated January 4th 2012

i like pie, I decided to make this longer. I'm (Originaly) from spain, still not born there, I look up to 1 creator,K66gunso who makes AWESOME flips. I'm a total FREAK 4 a good flipnote with music.

with that said, my favorite video game is MW3, i LOVE making flippys and all my life i've wanted to be #1 at ANYTHING (EXEPT losing). my favorite show is SGT Frog, and i also love to beat people in ssbb. (akward)

not to sound like a complete fanboy, but i would like to meet certain ones of u in person. i just luv animating things

thnx (p.s. im 10 yearz old and my b-day is non ya.)

fun facts!:

1. i love videogames (how suprising)

2. i have a high IQ (for a ten year old that is. lol)

3. i find almost EVERYTHING utmost B O R I N G

4. i live in florida (the tropical home of the tampabay rays and the bucks!!!)

5. i spend most of my time on hatena(im almost ALWAYZ online)

6. i an conciderd slow but have the strenth of an eighth grader

7. i'll whoop ANY of u at pokemon

8. i'm skilled with chinese starz and a boomerang

9. i type fast

10. i exept almost ALL pokemon battle requests

11. i have a playstation 2, a wii, an xbox 360, a dsi(woop di doo),a gameboy, and a playstation 3

thanks 4 takeing the time 2 read, bu bye!!

and in case u NOOBS cant tell, im a BOY B O Y BOY


p.p.s: if ur out there, id love to battle u k66gunso.

bring it on