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YEA! I'm back in the game! So, I've been struck by inspiration... By... Er... Kid Icarus: Uprising. Suprised? Come on, even video games and books can change people! Like how selfish the people in the capital were in the Hunger Games... How I cried when I beat Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 and/or 2... etc., etc., Ya know. So, I only have 12 days of school left, so during summer, that may cause: 1) more laziness, or 2) enough time to work on flipnotes. Over the past summers, I'm extremely lazy, but this time, I'm going to be making flipnotes for the happiness of everyone!

Anyway, as you can see, I have a new character(creators name them OC's or MC's or sumthin'...), and he is based off of me; I wear glasses, have braces, put a winter hat(even in the heat because I look better in winter hats... What are you staring at? :P) and has large, fluffeh hair! I can be using him in animation clips for comedy or music. I really have no plans for any series. Sorry to those who were intrested in uncurable corruption... ^^" Oh, and big thanks to ShadowWar for giving me 200 stars! He also makes cool flips. Go check him out in my favorites section(good luck, heh heh...). Plus, he showed me a website called Flipnote Hatena Wiki. The URL is http://www.flipnptehatena.wikia.com/ there's very few users, so go sign up, spread the word and help! Thank you all! However, I have a feeling most of my fans are completely ignoring me(and I have around 50 which is a lot for a lazy noob like me, so wut up wid dat?)... But I'm still grateful I'm in your favorites. Ooooh! Hatena goals! All I want to do is accomplish a hard task; get 1000 stars, 1000 comments, and hardest of all, 1000 fans. Someday I'll get there. I just have to keep on working!

EDIT: Oh cr.ap... I've lost my DSi, and I'm afraid I may not find it in awhile... Please pardon me... I'm sorry I let this happen... ;-;