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(Not grounded:D)

Hey im Dayana:D i'm glad u took the time to view my account so, welocome! I am a pretty nice person 0.0 so if u ever feel like talking to someone, here I am (>^.^)> favorite things: Kirby,sonic,family guy, happy tree friends, invader Zim, adventure time, regular show, the amazing world of gumball,Pucca, and much more! I love to make flipnotes during my free time but i'm very busy sometimes so plz don't mind if i take my time to create new flipnotes ^.^ if u ever want me to create something for u just ask and i will try my best :p

here are some of my goals:

Here are some awesome people u should add, pachu, domokid, Alicia, and shadow!!!(they are good creators!!!) :D THANKS FOR VISITING ^.^