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Hey, wINDY here! (Over time you will hear me say that alot x.x)

So, Hatena is really cool and I'm happy to say that it's improved my drawing a lot! (I dunno what it looks like on paper atm o.o;) ^^

My username is wINDYnD cuz it's technically my brother's DSi, and the n part is like "and" and the "D" stands for my little brother. X3

Anyways, I love love love LOVE Avatar. I am a hard-core Kataanger and I absolutely ADORE the shipping! <3


Let me break it down for you: Katara + Aang = True love forever <33

Yeah, I'm not the annoying fangirly type, but now and then I will spazz over my shipping. I can't help loving those two! Anyway, I making flipnotes is really coo, but sadly, it's also time consuming. It helps me become a better artist, but I'm in HS now so my first priority is school work. Many of you may have noticed that I am not on so much. Yeah...

My Hatena goal is to reach the top 50 rankings, and maybe someday I'll get there. Just gotta keep working at it-- eventually. Heh..

Hey! Maybe you'll be up there some day too! Just keep working hard, but also remember that there are other things in life that are far more important! ^^