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Hello to all,Shang here,now I'm going to tell you some stuff about me.I'm a sprite/artist creator on Hatena.I'm an epicly random dude who loves making sprites/flipnotes.I also enjoy chatting.And just so you know I'm getting very mad because people keep asking me to give them color stars so please stop!

I'm in progress of a new series called "SUPER EPIC BROS.",a new sprite series.Here is the episode chart.

I'm sorry but Super Epic Bros. will be postponed for a while.

Season 1

The Nazo Saga

EP 1 Nazo's Return

EP 2 An Old Friend

EP 3 Training Begins Now

EP 4 Nazo's New Power

EP 5 ???

EP 6 ???

EP 7 ???

EP 8 Sonic VS. Nazo

EP 9 Sonic,Shadow,and Shadic? VS. Nazo

EP 10 Super Sonic,Super Shadow,and Shadic VS. Perfect Nazo

Season 2

The STH VS. DBZ Saga

EP 11 Sonic VS. Goku

EP 12 Tails VS. Gohan

EP 13 Shadow VS. SS.Vegeta

EP 14 Knuckles VS. Trunks

EP 15 Silver appears

EP 16 Hedgehogs VS. Saiyans PT.1

EP 17 Hedgehogs VS. Saiyans PT.2

Upcoming Flips*

Ultimate Android Pack

38% Done


95% Done


3% Done

Shang's Journey2

3% Done

Self Sprites VOL.1

90% Done

Have a question about me or my flips just ask away.

Comments,stars,channel links,and favortes apperecated(Not begging).

Thank you for reading.