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Name? Grecia

Age? 14

Favorite website? KHinsider, I'm known as musical charm

B-day? sep. 18

youtube account: gamefreakhatena

Where do you live? Florida is all I can say

What do you like? Music, both plaing it and listening to it (I play clarinet^v^), I love to play video games like animal crossing, pokemon, kingdom hearts, final fantsy(even thought I've never played the series, I liked playing dissidia) guitar hero, rockband, rhythm heaven, halo, etc, etc. I love to read loads of books like the warriors series, series of unfortunate events...and yes, the twilight series(but I can assure you that I'm not a fangirl for it, lol)....and, I like to be around nice people, and CATS, I have more, but I can't remember at the moment.

What do you dislike? Basically ANYONE who is disrespectful, mean, (and perverted, yeah, I'm always stuck around these type of people when I'm in school) oh, and when something important is taken away from me. I'll add more later on in life.

Anything else? yeah, well, to start off, I'm nice and generous, I play video games almost everyday, I'm good at academics, I own most of the major consoles and handhelds, and I want to recognize my best bud in hatena which are: Ralxyks, Dannisoul, Sunshine KH123=3, rebecca, light-chan, nexark, NEWS14, Ella, Elizabeth, matthew mc, cole(If you're out there, please tell me, I can't find you in my fav.) and this is pretty much it, sorry if I haven't recognized you, but this is to my best friends who've I known for quite some time in hatena(basically since last year, although some I know since before they had accounts, as in just adding star)...well bye, until next time ^v^

I wish I could go to Busch Gardens and orlando again, ROLLERCOASTERS!!! XDDDD

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Grecia B. Melendez








Jose Marti Middle school

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English and spanish