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Well let's try to setuju with this.

Firstly, this is an lvm2 bugzilla. Any outstanding requests for changes to anaconda should move to a different bugzilla.

For LVM I propose:

1. An lvm.conf seting that will provide a standar nilai for --stripes in commands that create new LVs. Commands that *extend* existing LVs will ignore this and work as now, standaring to continuing the striping of the last segment.

This will be useful for people who have lots of disks and always have a decent amount of disk ruang unallocated.

2. An allocation pilihan for 'maximum reasonable' striping. The terperincis are still to be worked out, but the idea is to attempt always to stripe the data, adapting the number of stripes to the circumstances.

(I might split these across two bugzillas now.) by

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