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hey everybody ;)

my names george and i live in a town which i like to call "Sunny Runcorn" most of you are probably thinkin why did he put sunny in the name ... well my answer is ... because most of the time its raining or dull but the word sunny makes me feel happy... also its a bit of sarcasm.... runcorn is in the northwest of england near liverpool!

anyways enough of the borin stuff ... i have blonde hair and blue eyes im 13 and goin into year 8(2nd year)... Likes: gurls,music: rnb , pop, rap, soul, and a tiny bit of rock. singing : check my singin flips out , dancing,acting! kirbys chat room - Dr Jamie, my m8s, hangin out , gettin drunk with ma m8s , all the usual ...

Dislikes : snobs , borin people , heavy metal , i havent really got any fears- im up for anythin, fake people ect...

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