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hey guys!im BACK and BETTER than ever!

my series,phato stone will be posted maybe 26-28?

in the first episode the following charcters will apear:


nom,nom from *kevin*

and my characters

a.b,binaco and a new charcter ali.b

~dead stone

hey guys im here!

ive been on little break from hatena.

but im back and about my new series...

sadly im not doing it now cuz its being temporalry

cancelled but im doing a new series (a comic series)

that i just started! expect 1 every week!



ok... ive made a decison...

once ive made all 22 episodes of my series im going to quit

i dont know why but when ep.22 comes...then good bye...

i may come back though...maybe not.

after 2 days ill leave hatena.

im also tired of not being noticed

....until that... bye...


im also locking my flips from now on...

if your wondering why im quiting(now not later)

is because of all these scams,starbeggers,etc.

however...when i delete all my flips ill may stay

and make flips like gizmo...

im still thinking about this and ill decide later



I miss hatena so bad,

i hope theres a remake thing for flipnote on the 3ds...