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Hi I'm G.N.H.P and I'm Cinnamon!! We are both from England and we just love to draw anime and manga! If you want to add us then please do but I must warn you that we are literally a package deal if you add one you add both of us (partially cause we have the same id so you don't have a choice sorry)^w^. But please tell us what you think of our flips and tell any pointers you might have!Oh yeah...our flip friends are:

Deathnote, Tsumugi, Sophie, TiG, Lunastar, originally Tsubasa but now something else....,Yui~,Pxmas, Alexe, Minto, Mewichigo, xTeshix and many more wonderful people LOL!

Bye LOL G.N.H.P & Cinnamon >w<

Urgent notice:We have now reached our fave limit so if you are our friend/fan and we remove you,just comment us and we will add you again!