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Hey well, my name is Kayla im in grade 7. Im better at half the class in drawing and very lazy, half the time im on my bed playing X-box360 or ps3. I love zombies!! My favorite things are: Pizza, food, video games, dsi, gir, anime, and MANY other things. i HATE alarm clocks they tick me off, and i LOVE DEADMAN WONDERLAND. i used to like deathnote until i skipped to the end to see what happened and found out Light yagami dies DX poor light. anyway, i have 1 sister and 1 brother, Alexis and Grayson, im the older one!!! hahaha Grason is only a baby and my sister is 6. (very good drawings for a 6 year old btw!!) her Current username is <3Music paws thanks bye!

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My name is Kayla Williams! Nickname Kiki, im half french and half native I live in Canada!! My favorite colors are Yellow, Green and Blue :) Have ANY questions? Just ask :D

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October 8th

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drawing,singing,reading,playing video games,

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singing, drawing


french, english


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