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guess what? butts.

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I fart in your eyes

guess what? butts.

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IM REDOING THE WHOLE FAN AMV CUZ THE OTHER ONES TOO SHORT AND ITS UGLY. the new ones a longer and better song so more people can fit in it. k? ill post the other one anyways so you can laugh at its terribleness XD

your gonna have to wait longer though so, haha to you.

okie dokie people! mah names shroude im a 13 year old chick, i enjoy eating and sleeping and being a lazy bum! my hobbies are: drawing, singing, checking my mail, and aahhh... thats all i can think of right now:)my deviant art:http://shroude.deviantart.com/ be warned though! i havent been posting allot because of some computer problems so my gallery is full of all my old crap.py art!

i like skrillex, breaking benjamin, skillet, and vocaloid ,theres more, but waay too many to name:) i also very much enjoy anime, especially yaoi...*raep face* lol i love all my friends and fans here on hatena and i just wanted to say thank you guys for everything.





sorry if i left anyone out! but i cant think of any more right this second...

MY GOALS/ACHIEVEMENTS: if you even care to read...lol

Bronze citizenship: yush>:3

Silver citizenship: nope

Gold citizenship: No

Platinum citizenship: never even heard of it...

30 fans: Yes

50 fans: Yes

100 fans: Yup

200 fans: no close, though!

500 fans: no

800 fans:no

1000 fans: no. but i mark my word. i will, i repeat i WILL get there. it all takes time.

100,000 stars:aha nope XD

500,000 stars: no

1 million stars: no

flip in most pop: yes :D

5th most pop: no

4th most pop: no

3rd most pop: no

1st most pop: no

Ranking in top 20: noperoodle

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m.m.s its ugly, so i can't tell you XD






february 5 1999

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i dont fcuking know?


umm... idk whats this mean?


funny. it says in a little warning thing. "don't share any personal information"