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I am a girl, 14 and my B-day is November 5th 1995, so naturally do the math if the date has changed. I've been drwing literally since I was a baby. My heritage is Native American (Creek, and I'm actually directly related to Chief Mcntosh, who married an indian princess so I'm "royal"! well, about 1/16ths, anyways.) The other part of me, which is the most visible, is that I'm Irish. Yah. I don't yodel!!! I am the leader of a cosplay group, which is on YouTube and is aianimecosplay. Our first one, aianimepro, got deleted and so right now (9/26/2010)I have updated some stuff so it's relatively valuable in the digital world. Recently my mother has had some serious health problems: krone's-brain tumor-brain cancer-chemo-chemo intestine inflammation-home health stuff so like, we haven't had lots of time to do coslay meetings. But soon we will have one because my mom is getting better and hopefully will stay better because of this mysterious "energy doctor" that uses acupuncture and energy to heal people. Let me tell you, my cousins are severely allergic to all kinds of food colors and stuff and he actually CURED them and they can eat cheetos like nobody's business. She got treated today and will be treated for all her allergies sometime soon (sugar, salt, chemicals, inflammation, all that good stuff). If you know someone REALLY sick with all that stuff and maybe lives near here, I guess I can give you the doctor's name if you want. If you want to contact me, email me at That's my doll's account, LOL.